Welcome to She-Que: The Gentlewoman’s Quarterly

She-Que: The Gentlewoman’s Quarterly was created to educate, advocate and unify the gentlewoman. She-Que is a lifestyle blog-azine (blog/magazine) dedicated to the fashion, political, social and financial needs of the gentlewoman. On this site the term gentlewoman, refers to any self-identifying female that does not find the term lady to adequately identify her.

This site will feature posts about fashion trends, political movements and legislation that greatly affect the gentlewoman, as well as some references to popular culture. In addition some open ended posts will be created to promote dialogue about issues affecting the gentlewoman.

Posts are organized by type such as articles which are informative pieces, discussions which are topics soliciting dialogue and spotlight which highlights the gentlewoman. These categories are listed on the main menu. In addition posts are categorized by subject matter, such as fashion, sports, finance and politics. These categories are accessible on the side bar. All posts will be comment enabled. Feedback is encouraged. Please send any comments, concerns, post suggestions or requests to gentlewomansquarterly@gmail.com

She-Que will also offer a quartlerly magazine in downloadable .PDF format on the site. The magazine portion will consist of articles, photography and interviews about and by other gentlewomen. If you would like to be featured in the magazine, please email she.quemag@gmail.com. We plan to have the first issue available December 1, 2010.


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